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GOP Rep. Called Out for Taking Credit for Infrastructure Funding After He Voted Against the Bill

GOP Rep. Called Out for Taking Credit for Infrastructure Funding After He Voted Against the Bill
Gary Palmer for Congress

On Monday, Democrats celebrated as President Joe Biden signed the first part of his infrastructure agenda into law—the culmination of months of negotiations and wrangling in Congress.

As the White House continues to note, the bill passed on a bipartisan basis, with 19 Republican Senators and 13 Republican Representatives voting in favor of the legislation.

The bill will allocate hundreds of billions of dollars to promote electric cars, replace lead pipes, and invigorate cities across the nation with funding boosts to repair their roads and bridges. In some states, it's already making a difference. For instance, Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that there would be no fare hikes for the New York subway thanks to the $11 billion allocated for the Manhattan Transit Authority in the infrastructure bill.

So it's no wonder that many members of Congress are rushing to tout their "Yes" votes to their constituents—but one lawmaker is getting blowback for taking credit without having supported the bill.

Republican Congressman Gary Palmer boasted on Twitter that funding for the Birmingham Northern Beltline—a 52 mile planned interstate in his district—had passed.

There are two things Palmer failed to mention. Not only was it the bipartisan infrastructure bill that provided the funding Palmer said was a "priority" ($369 million to be exact), but Palmer voted against the bill altogether.

People didn't hesitate to point this out.

But in today's divided climate, some right-wing lawmakers and voters are determined to cast away any Republican who supported the legislation.

The second part of Biden's agenda—the Build Back Better Act—is still in negotiations, but is expected to have no Republican support in the House or Senate.