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Boebert Tried To Put America's Infrastructure On Blast—And Twitter Came With The Receipts

After the MAGA Rep. called out a series of transportation incidents caused by accidents and tried to blame it on Democrats, her hypocrisy was put on full display.

Lauren Boebert
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Image

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert's recent complaint about America's failing infrastructure bombed after she was fact-checked by social media users.

The gun-toting conspiracy theorist griped about recent transportation disasters around the country–including Wednesday's non-fatal Amtrak collision with a vehicle on a train track in Southern California and a partial highway collapse due to a vehicle fire in Philadelphia earlier this month.

Boebert tried to criticize the Biden administration by tweeting:

"An AMTRAK passenger train just derailed in California."
"Two weeks ago a highway collapsed in Philadelphia."
"Stuff like this is going on constantly in America."
"We’re sending our money all over the world but our own country is falling down around us."

But her grumbling went nowhere fast when she was reminded she voted against Democratic President Joe Biden's Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 2021 that would provide federal funding to improve infrastructure around the country.

Boebert was called out on her hypocrisy.

While some shared her concerns and engineers warned many of the nation’s roads, rails and bridges needed vast improvements and modernization, the bill was designed to address those issues.

Yet, Boebert voted against it.

Nevertheless, on August 10, 2021, the bill was passed by the Senate with 69–30 votes and passed by the House with 228–206 votes on November 5.

Ten days later, Biden signed the bipartisan measure into law on November 15, 2021.

The bill will provide $1.2 trillion in federal funding in the next eight years to improve highway safety, transit, roads, highway safety, motor carrier, and research, in addition, to internet access, clean water, and electric grid renewal.

And FYI, Congresswoman...

Signing the legislation into law was Biden's second major legislative accomplishment after becoming President.

The bill also marked the biggest investment in the nation's infrastructure in decades.

At least on that front, Biden succeeded where his predecessor, former Republican President Donald Trump, could not.