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Funniest Craigslist Ads to Ever Grace The Internet

Since its inception in 1995, Craigslist has been a gift to the internet, providing a place for people to scour for countless hours. From the personal ads to the quirky “for sale by owner” posts, Craig Newmark’s brainchild has never been short on hilarity.

It’s an absurd world out there and, somehow, all of that absurdity winds up on Craigslist at one point or another. If you don’t have the time to browse the many sections and subsections of one of the leading classified websites in search of pure internet gold, here is a list of the funniest advertisements that you’re missing out on.

The Hamster Wheel

So, some people may look at this ad and think “Who would want a human-sized hamster wheel?” which completely bypasses the most important question. Who would make a human-sized hamster wheel? What exactly is going on in Sandra Z’s Brooklyn abode that the giant wheel and 50 lbs of shredded newspaper were necessary?

Some things are better left unanswered.

Looking for Work

Hate to say it, but chances are this isn’t how breaking into the porn industry works, although that mustache is definitely a good start. But in East Los Angeles, you probably have to be willing to do anything, though.

No Mean People

Cue every employee in the hospitality industry trying to figure out just how this 24-year-old female from Taos plans on avoiding mean people. There are a few demands on this list that are confusing, a few that are insulting, and a few that are downright delusional.

Good to know she plans on being clean, however.

Saddle for Sale

Looking past the potential for animal cruelty in this photo, one does wonder just how effective a plastic chair would be as a saddle. Probably incredibly ineffective, what with the inability to wrap your legs around the horse.

Still, ten points for trying to creatively sell a $10 chair for $200.

Mr. Good Times

Who exactly winds up actually having a “good time” with Mr. Good Times? Why do they call him “Peanut?” What’s this guy’s idea when he says “let [sic] have some fun.” Nothing about this post for some fun with 49-year-old “Mr. Good Times” leads one to believe that any fun will be had.

The Snuggie of Death

It’s bad enough that they’re used, but the ad takes the awfulness (note: hilarity) a step further by going into too much detail on their origins. That somebody may have died in one of them probably isn’t a selling point, but this Craigslist user goes for it anyway.

Also, who needs 15 Snuggies? Aren't zero Snuggies enough?

The Hunt for Punctuation

Forget Bigfoot. Someone needs to take this Barton, VT, resident on a quest for some punctuation. Besides the run-on sentence that’s plagued by typos, this doesn’t quite seem like someone you'd want to spend a few days in the woods with.

The saddest part of this ad is that there's no follow-up chronicling his grand adventure.