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'Fox and Friends' Gets Awkward After Host Tries to Shut Down Co-Host's Plea for Viewers to 'Get the Shot'

'Fox and Friends' Gets Awkward After Host Tries to Shut Down Co-Host's Plea for Viewers to 'Get the Shot'
Fox News

The conservative Fox News network has been one of the leading sources of disinformation since even before the pandemic that's uprooted daily life in the United States and killed over 600 thousand Americans.

The network has gone out of its way to promote skepticism of the lifesaving vaccines and to paint any efforts encouraging the public to take them as tyranny. Primetime host Tucker Carlson absurdly claimed the vaccines don't work and that the government is keeping that a secret.

Far-right opinion host Laura Ingraham characterized the Biden administration's effort to send community members door-to-door with information about the vaccines as "creepy." She also repeatedly platformed doctors who baselessly referred to the vaccine as "toxic."

Fox News guests have likened the federal vaccination effort to the Taliban and dismissed the idea that the virus is an "incredibly deadly disease."

The network recently softened its anti-vaxxer programming after nationwide backlash, but there's still reservation among some of its hosts to encourage viewers to get the shot.

Take this interaction between Fox and Friends hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

After Doocy noted that 20 percent of hospitalizations in Arkansas are children, he said those over 12 "probably oughta get the shot."

This didn't sit well with Kilmeade:

"Or see a doctor, decide what you wanna do. That's usually who people go to for medical advice: doctors."

After Doocy pushed back, Kilmeade continued:

"I don't think anchors should be recommending medical advice."

Doocy retorted:

"But a lot of people have been tuning in to the show for 25 years to see what we think about different things. I think if you have the opportunity, get the shot."

While it's never bad advice to consult one's doctor (if a person has access to healthcare), the vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective. Kilmeade said doctors should be the ones giving medical advice, despite Kilmeade and countless Fox News hosts repeatedly attempting to discredit the doctors and public health experts providing information regarding the virus.

Kilmeade's "see a doctor" copout wasn't received well.

Some praised Doocy for pushing back.