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Who Gets the First Impression Rose on 'The Bachelor' Premiere?

Season 22 of The Bachelor is finally here, with 29 women vying for the heart of real estate agent and  NASCAR driver, Arie Luyendyk Jr.

As to be expected, tensions are high in a house with multiple women fighting for the attention of just one man. Tonight, Arie gave the first impression rose to single mom Chelsea Roy.

Chelsea is 29, and works as a Real Estate Executive Assistant. She has a three-year-old son named Sam, who's featured all over her Instagram. According to Life & Style Magazine, Chelsea grew up in Portland, Maine, playing soccer and field hockey. The outlet points out that it looks like she was previously married, or, at least, engaged. In pics taken before her son's birth, she appears to be wearing a ring.

The ladies pulled out all the tricks tonight for the 36-year-old bachelor. Some gave him pizza, others gave him rocks. One even gave him a foot massage (Thank you, Jenna).

All night, the ladies had mixed feelings abut the first impression rose. Some admitted they didn't want to see it at all, while others kept their eyes on the lookout for Chris Harrison. When he finally entered the room with the rose, the "energy in the room changed" (as it always does).

Chelsea had no shame when it came to stealing time with Arie. She was the first one to talk to him once the cocktail party got going, but in hindsight, she thought it may not have been the best move. "Going first, I don't know if it was the best move. It's apparent that girls have had a lot more time with him. I'm in a sea of beautiful women and they could possibly get mad at me but I don't care. It's far more important to me to go maybe step on someone's toes than to lose the opportunity and walk away and say, 'What if?"

Annaliese also appeared to have a productive one-on-one session with Arie. Though she kept her "kissing bandit" mask on for most of the night, the two seemed to share a connection when the mask finally came off. "Deep down, she was really sincere. I could totally feel where she was at in her life," Arie told cameras about his encounter with Annaliese.

Brittany was the first woman to steal a kiss from Arie. After pulling him outside to race in kid cars, the 30-year-old tech recruiter planted one on Arie's lips.

That wasn't it for the Kissing Bandit, though. When Chelsea stole her second bout of alone time with Arie, the two shared an intimate kiss. After that, Chelsea said she thought her "work was done." She was right. Speaking to the cameras after winning the rose, she said, "I'm not competitive by nature, but when I see something I want, I go after it."