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Trump Mocked for Mistakenly Including a Fraction in Misleading Tweet About Virus Testing

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump famously claimed that he was a "very stable genius," but in a tweet early Thursday morning, he further indicated that his genius doesn't extend to fractions or punctuation.

The President was once again attempting to dismiss the United States' unsavory distinction of having more cases of the virus than any other country in the world.

Trump declared on Twitter that for the "1/100th time" the United States has more cases because its testing is more expansive.

The oft-repeated claim is misleading. Though expanded testing does diagnose more cases, these cases exist irrespective of the testing. What's more, positive diagnoses aren't shrinking in proportion to the testing. In states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas, the positive diagnoses are rising at a rate that dwarfs testing expansion.

Trump frequently claims that the testing is the sole reason for the rising number of cases, but this time it was his misuse of fractions that generated mockery.

The President presumably meant to say for the hundredth time, rather than the 1/100th time, and people noticed.

In her new tell-all memoir—Too Much and Never Enough—Trump's niece asserts that Trump paid someone to take his SAT.

The tweet gave that claim credence for some.

They didn't hesitate to debunk the substance of the tweet either.

There have now been over three million cases in the United States.