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Former Congressional Candidate Asks If People Agree We're 'Blessed' to 'Live Through the Trump Era' and She Instantly Regretted It

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump has told over 18 thousand lies since his inauguration. He's rebelled against any and all oversight, insulted everyone from war heroes to diplomats to gold star families, used the office of the presidency for profit, and exacerbated a national feeling of chaos and division.

Despite—or because of—this, some Americans treat him as a savior.

Whether they're comparing him to the actual Messiah or praising what they claim is limitless energy, Trump has developed a nearly cult-like fan base to whom he can literally do no wrong, who will believe any spin he tells them to believe.

As a result, you get tweets like the one below.

Failed California congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine, whose attempt to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earned her notoriety in some conservative circles, frequently heaps praise upon the President via Twitter.

On Sunday, she tweeted that people a century from now would envy Americans who lived during the Trump era, and that we are "blessed to be witnessing this incredible time in America's history."

At the moment, 30 million people are unemployed and practically every American is stuck inside because of the Trump administration's refusal to act early to combat the virus that's now killed 60 thousand Americans and counting. Let's also not forget that the Trump administration changed border crossings from civil offenses to criminal offenses, thereby overcrowding border facilities and separating untold numbers of children from their parents.

The list of Trump's atrocities is long, and people were surprised at claims that his legacy would be remembered fondly.

Perhaps it's a matter of principles.

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