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Someone Added David Attenborough Nature Show Narration to Video of Trump Shuffling Down Ramp at West Point, and People Love It


President Donald Trump generated concern and ridicule this past weekend after delivering the 2020 commencement speech to graduates of West Point Military Academy.

After the speech, Trump descended a ramp off of the stage at a slowed, unsteady pace that led many to question the President's health.

In response, the President insisted that the ramp was slippery (there was no precipitation in West Point, NY that week) and he was trying not to fall.

He took his grievances to Twitter.

As you might imagine, the President's denial didn't do much to stem the ridicule. A video of the moment made before Trump's rebuttal is now going viral thanks to its comedic twist.

Watch below.

The video features a voiceover from legendary English nature broadcaster Sir David Attenborough:

"This extraordinary creature is half-blind, half-deaf, and this is just about as fast as it can move. That's what can happen to you if you live on nothing but fast food. It's one animal that I don't need to sneak up on."

The voiceover originated primarily from a segment Attenborough did about sloths, though it replaces "leaves" with "fast food," alluding to the President's reported diet and his choice of White House cuisine for college athletes.

The video was retweeted by anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project on Tuesday.

People loved the spin on the viral moment.

Given Trump's frequent criticisms regarding the health of his opponents, Trump's ramp struggle generated lots of buzz.