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Republican Senator Warns His Party That Bernie Sanders Is Actually Donald Trump's Biggest Threat in November

Marc Piscotty/Getty Images // Mario Tama/Getty Images

Pundits on every channel and President Donald Trump seem to believe that Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), a self-described Democratic Socialist, would be Donald Trump's dream opponent in the 2020 election.

Democrats have expressed concerns that the Senator is too divisive while Trump fans the flames with tweets that the Democratic National Committee is working overtime to rob Sanders of the nomination.

But one Republican Senator says that Sanders could, in fact, pose the biggest threat to Trump's efforts to gain a second term.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said:

"Bernie Sanders brings that outside game in a similar fashion that President Trump did in 2016. Think about the similarities. In 2016, Republican leadership, Republican wisdom said that there is no way in the world out of the 17 candidates, Donald Trump will be the president. I think it's very similar."

Watch below:

Sanders has won the popular vote in all three primaries so far, and is narrowly trailing former Vice President Joe Biden to win the South Carolina primary later this week.

Senator Scott also stressed that Trump will be a tough opponent to beat:

"If he's on his game as he was at the State of the Union, I don't think there is a candidate in the country that can beat him. If there is a second choice other than himself, it would be Bernie Sanders."

Scott certainly isn't the only one who thinks Bernie has a shot at beating Trump.

Others didn't trust a Republican to give them advice on who would be the most formidable candidate.

While Bernie remains the Democratic frontrunner, there are more primaries to go. It will require unity and a massive voter turnout—no matter the candidate—to beat Donald Trump.