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AOC Perfectly Shames Pro-Trump Senator Who Lost His Book Deal After Inciting Capitol Rioters

AOC Perfectly Shames Pro-Trump Senator Who Lost His Book Deal After Inciting Capitol Rioters
Joe Raedle/Getty Images // Greg Nash-Pool/Getty Images

Ahead of the joint congressional session to nationally certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory over outgoing President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced he'd back House GOP objections to the validity of the electoral votes in a number of swing states, forcing these results into separate House and Senate debates.

Hawley's announcement was met with widespread derision—even from Walmart—for further amplifying the President's lies that widespread voter fraud coordinated by Democrats awarded Biden a false victory.

During the joint session this past Wednesday, pro-Trump extremists who'd bought into these lies stormed the United States Capitol, forcing the Vice President to evacuate and lawmakers to take refuge in offices and behind chairs as the mob paraded freely through the people's house.

Five people died during the siege, which also left windows shattered and congressional offices ransacked.

While Hawley condemned the violence, he faced widespread outcry for the role he played in validating the lies that started it.

This led Simon & Schuster, the publishers of Hawley's upcoming book, to cancel their publication agreement.

The publishing company said in a statement that they couldn't support Hawley "after his role in what became a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom."

Hawley himself took to Twitter in response,, claiming that a private company refusing to publish his book was a violation of First Amendment rights.

He said he intended to sue the company.

Referring to Simon & Schuster as the "woke mob," Hawley deployed common conservative complaints that the Left is canceling them.

Firebrand Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) rebuked Hawley's statement on Twitter.

She called for Hawley's expulsion from the Senate, after already calling for Trump's, Hawley's, and Senator Ted Cruz's (R-TX) resignations for their rhetoric leading up to the riots and their rejection of the electoral votes. The Congresswoman—colloquially known as "AOC"—alluded to a moment when Hawley raised his fist in solidarity with the supporters before the riots began.

People praised Ocasio-Cortez's firm response.

The Congresswoman wasn't the only one to condemn Hawley's complaints about the loss of his publisher.

The Senator has yet to respond.