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Ann Coulter Perfectly Mocks Trump's Absence of Leadership in This Time of Crisis With Savage Tweet for the Ages

Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images/Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politico

Even racists are criticizing President Donald Trump's response—or lack thereof—to the murder of unarmed Black man George Floyd by police.

With unrest overtaking the United States in response to the murder, Trump referred to protestors as "thugs" before ultimately turning off the exterior lights of the White House and hiding in the underground bunker.

Trump's eagerness to recede from public in the face of demonstrations in front of the White House prompted far-Right author Ann Coulter—whose own racism has given her notoriety in Republican circles—to tweet a cheeky rebuke of Trump.

Coulter jokingly mused that Trump had secretly resigned.

On Monday, Trump chastised governors for being what he described as "weak." He then called for the imprisonment of protestors for as much as 10 years.

Ironically enough, Trump's own response—cowering in an underground bunker of a darkened White House—was considered the actual weak response.

For once, people found themselves agreeing with Coulter.

Though some are surprised at Coulter's criticism, she's actually been a critic of Trump for some time now. While most people criticize Trump for stoking the flames of racism and bigoted anger, Coulter criticizes him for not being racist enough, especially when it comes to his failure to build the long-promised wall at the southern border.

She wasn't the only one who felt Trump's response was weak.

Where is the President?