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Ann Coulter Completely Eviscerates Trump's Pandemic Response--and Just About Everything Else--in Epic Twitter Rant

Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images; Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Far-right media personality Ann Coulter gained notoriety and conservative adoration by peddling racist, xenophobic, and generally bigoted rhetoric.

Naturally, she was one of President Donald Trump's most vocal supporters during the 2016 campaign, but she's since soured on him for failing to keep the most damaging of his promises.

While most Republicans who've refused to support Donald Trump came to the decision because of his lack of decency, Coulter did so because he hasn't been indecent enough.

She's criticized the President before, but she took things to a new level this Memorial Day weekend, shaming the President's job performance and referring to him with a slur in a Twitter rant that rivaled the President's own deranged behavior on the social media outlet.

Coulter was responding to Trump's attacks on his former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who is currently fighting to unseat Senator Doug Jones (D-AL). Jones won against the Republican candidate, accused child molester Roy Moore, in a special Senate election in 2018.

Despite Sessions being ideologically aligned with Trump, the President holds Sessions responsible for recusing himself from the Mueller investigation, allowing it to continue.

Coulter's tweets made her no friends.

Trump's detractors began mocking her.

But most of the blowback came from Trump's supporters, who can't abide with any criticism of the President.

Oh, Ann.