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Nicolle Wallace's Loud Mocking Laugh At Ron DeSantis's 'Woke' Campaign Pledge Is All Of Us

Nicolle Wallace let out a loud gutteral guffaw after playing footage of Ron DeSantis threatening to end 'woke ideology.'

MSNBC screenshot of Nicolle Wallace; Fox News screenshot of Ron DeSantis
MSNBC; Fox News

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis recently launched his presidential campaign with a pledge to "end woke ideology" in the United States, igniting a fierce debate about the relevance of this issue in the face of pressing national challenges.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace was quick to criticize DeSantis' campaign promise, arguing it detracts from more urgent matters such as mass shootings, accountability for the January 6 insurrectionists and the persistent threat of domestic terrorism from Christian nationalists and White supremacists.

She said:

"A woke mob did not storm the U.S. Capitol, did not shoot up Uvalde, [and] a woke mob does not represent the threat of domestic violent extremism, but okay, Ron, you'll get the woke mob."

The clincher to Wallace's observations was a loud and dismissisve laugh that underscored exactly why DeSantis' fondness for campaign buzzwords reveals he actually lacks comprehensive policy plans to address more pressing national concerns.

You can watch the moment below.

Many laughed with her and felt her assessment was spot on.

With his long-anticipated presidential campaign now underway, Ron DeSantis aims to position himself as a formidable candidate capable of defeating Donald Trump and implementing his vision of "destroying leftism" in the country.

Despite facing a series of setbacks, including trailing behind Trump in primary polling, DeSantis remains undeterred and believes his track record in Florida and his ambitious agenda will resonate with voters nationwide.

While DeSantis has garnered significant support within conservative circles, his hardline policies have drawn criticism from Democrats and political observers.

Concerns over his stance on LGBTQ+ rights, attempts to influence public school curricula, relaxed gun control laws, and a restrictive abortion ban have raised questions about his electability in a general election.

Additionally, his high-profile clash with Disney, over a law prohibiting discussions of sexuality and gender identity in public classrooms, has further eroded support among major donors.