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Trump Makes Bizarre Announcement About The Name Of Our 'Great Country'—And Whaaat??

In a bizarre Truth Social post, Donald Trump railed against the trials he's facing and announced the name of our 'great country' once he's elected again...and it sounds somewhat familiar.

X screenshot of Donald Trump

In a bizarre Truth Social post, former President Donald Trump tried to launch an attack on President Joe Biden while addressing his growing legal issues.

But what really had people scratching their heads was his peculiar announcement about the name of our "great country" in the event he is elected again: He mentioned that his election in 2024 would result in the creation of a geopolitical entity called "the United States."

Of course, that's the name of our country already but Trump nonetheless confidently stated:

"We're going to Make America Great Again and put America first."
"We’re gonna have a great country. It’s gonna be called the United States of America."

You can hear what Trump said in the video below.

Trump also expressed his disapproval of the "highly political Biden lawsuits and indictments" and called for them to be postponed until after the election. He particularly criticized the start date of his criminal trial in Washington, D.C., set for the day before Super Tuesday by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who had imposed a partial gag order on Trump.

Referring to those involved, Trump stated, "These are corrupt people," and he invoked the Founding Fathers, suggesting they would look upon Biden and his administration with disdain and "disbelief":

"These are corrupt people. Our Founding Fathers are looking down at Biden with scorn right now. They’re looking down at Biden and this administration with disbelief.”

Critics wasted no time in mocking Trump's oddball statement about the name of our already named country.

It remains unclear what Trump meant by this statement, but it adds to a series of recent unusual remarks, including one in which he pointed out the abbreviation for the United States spells "us."

During a recent campaign event in New Hampshire, he remarked that he had just noticed this fact and expressed frustration that he might not receive adequate recognition for making this "us" discovery.

“I just picked that up. Has anyone ever thought of that? I just picked that up," he said at the time, adding that "if we say something genius, they’ll never say it."