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Mark Hamill Hilariously Claps Back At Fox Host's Petty 'C-List' Actor Diss

After Fox's Jesse Watters tried to slam Mark Hamill for visiting the White House as a 'C-List' actor, Hamill corrected him with a hilarious new definition of 'D-List.'

Mark Hamill; Screenshot of Jesse Watters
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images; Fox News

After Fox News personality Jesse Watters tried to slam legendary Star Wars actor Mark Hamill for visiting the White House as a "B-List" or "C-List" actor, Hamill corrected him with a hilarious clapback.

Hamill met with President Joe Biden last week as part of his annual Star Wars Day ("May the Fourth...") celebrations.

Hamill also appeared during a White House press briefing, responding to questions with the help of Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. When asked why Hamill was visiting, Jean-Pierre responded that Hamill is "very much invested in the direction of this country."

Watters used Hamill's appearance as an opportunity to criticize the Biden administration, suggesting that former President Donald Trump never relied on other people's star power while in the White House:

"The thing with Trump: He was the star. He didn't need to bring in stars to make the President look better."
"Mark Hamill? What is he now? B-List? C-List? Not a good look."

You can hear what Watters said in the video below.

Watters' post soon caught Hamill's attention—and he threw Watters' insult right back at him.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, the actor—who portrayed Luke Skywalker, one of the most recognizable movie heroes of all time in one of the highest-grossing movie franchises of all time—quipped:

"Actually, I am considered a D-List actor. The D is for 'delightful."

You can see Hamill's response below.

Many appreciated Hamill's snarky response—and joined him in calling out and correcting Watters.

Like many on the right, Watters has a special disdain for Hamill, an outspoken liberal activist who has made headlines for criticizing Trump and the GOP on a regular basis.

Last month, Hamill was attacked by Trump fans after mocking Trump's history of verbal flubs. Hamill said Trump's "frequent verbal catastrophes" make it difficult to take the former president seriously when he spends considerable time recovering from his own gaffes.

Hamill has also jabbed Trump over claims he would present evidence of election fraud. After Trump—who has failed to present any evidence to support his "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was stolen from him—Hamill teased Trump's suggestion that there is an "irrefutable report" that will exonerate him.