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Tonya Banks & Kerwin Johnson on 'Little Women: LA'

Last week, viewers learned that Little Women: LA's Tonya Banks is no longer set to marry fiance Kerwin Johnson.

Devoted fans may remember that Johnson proposed to Tonya on the season 6 finale. A sneak peek for season 7 shows a clip of her giving back the engagement ring.

Tonight, in an attempt to help Tonya get over this speedbump, Terra and the girls take her out in a rented party bus.

When Christy asks Banks if she feels like she's made the right decision when it comes to Kerwin, she says, "I feel conflicted."

At another point, Banks tells her now ex-fiance, "I don't want you to leave." He replies, "This is my life you're f--ing with."

Kerwin also brought up the ring, and the impression Tonya gave him when she received that ring. "I've been thinking. When you got that ring on your finger... it seemed like-- even one of my friends told me-- it looked like you were saying yes to the ring, instead of yes to [me]."

Tonya is candid with Kerwin, admitting that she's felt controlled in the relationship; as if she's losing herself.

Their Relationship Has Been Tested in the Past

Tonya and Kerwin's relationship hasn't been smooth sailing for a while now. During last year's Little Women: Couple's Retreat, Tonya admitted she wasn't sure if Kerwin was the one. "I love him but a lot of times I don’t like him.” Kerwin then says he feels Tonya is more interested in herself than the two moving forward as a couple.

When the show returns tonight, Tonya's love life won't be the only drama taking center stage. Mika and Elena will also get into a tiff about Elena's attitude. Mika asks Elena why she's being so "pretentious" before other women join in on the subject.

Be sure to tune into a new episode of Little Women: LA tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime.