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‘The Bachelor’ Season 22 Episode 4 Spoilers

Tonight is episode 4 of The Bachelor and the ladies are going to eat worms. Yes, that is correct. [Be warned, this article contains spoilers for tonight's episode!]

Tonight, Arie will whisk the contestants away to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Seinne will be the first to score a one-on-one. The 27-year-old will join Arie on a parasailing adventure, where they get to know each other better. After their ride in the sky, Seinne and Arie will settle down on the beach and discuss family, the first night they met, their futures... and they'll seal it with a kiss.

On the group date, the ladies will undergo "survival training," which (naturally) entails them swallowing worms whole.

After the whole worm-fiasco, the group will split into two to make it to the "Hide Out" (a steaming hot tub nestled into the mountains with plenty of wine to go around). As usual, Krystal will be pining for her time with Arie, which will rub the girls the wrong way.

A couple of the girls — Tia and Kendall — seem to have absolutely no problem downing the slimy critters, while others (a.k.a. Krystal) are not okay with it. In one promo, Krystal says, "On this group date, I kind of feel out of my element. I'm seeing a lot of the girls here aggressively, like, seeking his attention. It's looking a little, you know, desperate."

Bekah Comes Clean About Her Age

Can we all collectively sigh and say, "finally!" Tonight, Bekah will tell Arie how old she is. Which, as we've said before, is 22. The producers really seem to be pushing for a climactic reveal when it comes to this topic, so there's no saying how Arie will react.

In a promo for tonight, Becca K., Caroline and Chelsea sit in the living room chatting about Bekah's age. The girls ask, "Does he know how young she is?" Becca K says, "She definitely hasn't told him as far as I know and I don't know if she was even planning on it. My mom and dad were 11 years apart so to me, it's like, no big deal."

Krystal Pulls Arie Aside in the Middle of the Rose Ceremony

In what looks like it'll probably be the most dramatic moment of the evening, the girls are all lined up for Arie to hand out roses at the rose ceremony. Krystal seems on edge, and before Arie has a chance to hand out the first rose, she pulls him aside. Unsurprisingly, her actions get many groans from the rest of the crew.