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'My 600-lb Life': Update on Tamy Lyn Murrell

Mother-of-one Tamy Lyn Murrell's struggle with weight loss and her relationship with James is documented on season 6 of My 600-lb Life. As Tamy opens up on the series, viewers come to understand the struggles she faced growing up as the youngest of three children.

Tamy was raised with a brother who was 11 years older than her and a sister who was 19 years her senior. She says, "So I essentially grew up alone with my mom and dad." When she was 8, her father passed away from a heart attack. Tamy's mother subsequently fell into a deep depression. The depression was so bad that she describes it as feeling like she lost both her parents.

What's the Latest Update?

What is she up to now? Tamy took to Facebook on Tuesday of this week to write, "I want to thank all my family that have said such supported things and wanted to let you all know nothing that others say bothers me. Love you all."

Fans of the reality star responded with heartwarming comments, like, "So utterly amazed at your incredible strength, you are inspirational. You deserve only the best! So proud of you and now I love you." Another wrote, "You are a strong determined woman!! Your fight is encouraging, keep up the good work."

Tamy was only 18 when she met James. She says, "He was a janitor, too. James was the first person who ever paid attention to me." On the show, James even admits that he is attracted to bigger girls and that's why he was initially attracted to Tamy. She became pregnant with Zach just one month after the couple started dating.

With the help of Dr. Nowzaradan, she was able to lose enough weight to qualify her for surgery. Dr. Nowzaradan asked Tamy to move to Houston for the procedure. According to the Daily Mail, it was at this time that James "admitted he had fallen in love with someone else." He nonetheless helped her and their son move to Texas. Eventually, though, James moved back to Kentucky.

People Have Expressed Their Support on Social Media

A number of people have reached out to Tamy on Facebook to vocalize their support. On Thursday, one person wrote, "Praying for the wee one and for YOU. BUT, after watching your story, it seems you have your life with your handsome youngest son well in hand! What an inspiration you truly are. Keep working on you. You're worth all the time, effort and emotion you put into yourself.and you are worthy of all the good things coming your way! God bless you and yours."

After she updated her profile picture on Wednesday, another person wrote, "good for you. saw your show tonight hope your doing great." Tamy responded, "Doing good ty."