Justin Williamson (Facebook)

Justin Williamson was once the most overweight teenager in the United States. At 685 lbs, he had only two goals: become healthy, and share his passion for music and become a professional singer. Justin is well on his way to achieving his goals. After a long road, he has lost 300 pounds from his peak weight. Read for a full update on Justin Williamson.

Who is Justin Williamson?

From Amarillo, Texas, Justin Williamson is a sweet young man who is filled with talent and potential.

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Mother-of-one Tamy Lyn Murrell's struggle with weight loss and her relationship with James is documented on season 6 of My 600-lb Life. As Tamy opens up on the series, viewers come to understand the struggles she faced growing up as the youngest of three children.

Tamy was raised with a brother who was 11 years older than her and a sister who was 19 years her senior. She says, "So I essentially grew up alone with my mom and dad." When she was 8, her father passed away from a heart attack. Tamy's mother subsequently fell into a deep depression. The depression was so bad that she describes it as feeling like she lost both her parents.

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