Good news, health-conscious readers. You can now buy water here in the United States that is gluten-free, non-GMO and even organic. Just swing over to the website for “Clara Gluten-Free Water” if it’s not carried in your local health food store. This water is meant for “health-conscious individuals worried about the source” of their water, and is “guaranteed gluten-free with a surprisingly fresh taste on the palate.”

There’s just one problem. There’s no such thing as water with gluten. (Unless you’re talking about bottling the water you boil your pasta in.) There is also no such thing as genetically-modified water or non-organic water.

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We cannot escape our plastic problem. Every day, we eat food and buy products that contain or have been packaged in plastic. Now we are starting to learn how that plastic never really leaves us. The first major study of microscopic plastic in drinking water has found widespread contamination of drinking water in cities around the world. With every glass of water we drink, we consume plastic.

Orb Media and a researcher at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health tested drinking water from the taps in major cities on five continents, and found that more than 83 percent — 94 percent in the US — contained microscopic particles of plastic. These particles come from the everyday abrasive wear on carpets, furniture, tires, paints and clothing, as well as from microbeads and the partial degradation of other plastic materials.

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The school year is winding down for Portland Public Schools (PPS) in Oregon. Kids are wriggling in their seats, willing summer to arrive and the school doors to shut. But parents have other reasons to want the school year over. PPS informed parents late last week that their children also have been drinking lead-poisoned water while at school. For parents, that initial shock has now turned to anger: The district recently admitted that it knew the water had dangerously high lead levels, yet did nothing to prevent students and staff from continuing to drink it while it scrambled to fix the problem.

Poisoned Water in the Schools

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has led to increased concern over water quality nationally. In response to that crisis, concerned parents from two Portland schools asked the school district for data about the water quality in their kids’ schools.

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