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Actor Richard Schiff attends the 2018 PaleyFest Los Angeles - ABC's "The Good Doctor" at Dolby Theatre on March 22, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/WireImage)

The Good Doctor season finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. The gripping first season comes to a concerning end after Dr. Glassman's medical scare in last week's episode. A promo for tonight's finale reveals that Dr. Glassman suffers from an "aggressive form of brain cancer". This leaves worried fans wondering: will Dr. Glassman die in tonight's episode?

First, let's recap what happened at the end of last week's episode. Dr. Shaun Murphy sets Dr. Glassman up on a date, which goes well until he asks for the check. "We'll just take the doorstop," Glassman says, incorrectly. He laughs off his mistake and tries again. "I'm sorry, we'll -- you can bring the doorstop," he repeats. He then begins to mumble as he searches for the right word. "The thing...the thing...the thing that tells you how much to pay," he says, nearly in tears. "The doorstop." Unable to find the right word, he sits down and asks his date to call an ambulance.

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