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Disgruntled nationals looking to escape their native countries may soon have a new option: space.

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Researchers with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Program (SETI) are investigating signal spikes emitting from a star in the constellation Hercules. The star, an estimated 6.3 billion years old, is 95 light years from Earth––about 500 trillion miles away. "We are talking about a message that left its star in 1920 and finally arrived in Russia in 2015," said Doug Vakoch, Ph.D., who works with METI International, a group that focuses on messaging extraterrestrial intelligence.

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1.2 billion light years away, a star died. As the star’s core collapsed, it sent off visible shockwaves or “shock breakouts.” The shockwaves lasted only 20 minutes, but NASA’s Kepler space telescope managed to capture them, providing proof—for the first time—that certain stars produce these brilliant flashes of light upon their demise.

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