Screenshots from Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube, VeepWiki/YouTube
Veep star Timothy Simons has revealed that his character, Jonah Ryan, is based on a real-life politician. (Fear not, there are no season 7 spoilers here).

Ryan is a ne'er-do-well Congressman from New Hampshire who cost Selina Meyer the presidency when he botched a vote in the House after an election ending in an Electoral College tie.

His career began as a "liaison" between the vice president's office and the West Wing - an entirely pointless post he constantly tried to exploit to get girls and rub shoulders with Washington powerbrokers.

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As a former Weekend Update host on Saturday Night LiveLate Night host Seth Meyers is used to eviscerating celebrities and politicians from a news desk.

He reminded Americans during a segment of the popular show: A Closer Look. During the segment, Meyers set his sights on sexist and belligerent remarks made by President Donald Trump to ABC News White House correspondent Cecilia Vega and another female reporter yesterday in a press conference.

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Tina Fey appeared on yesterday's edition of Saturday Night Live's special summer "Weekend Update" episode to comment on the violence which erupted over the weekend at the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and President Donald Trump's response.

“I have nothing but fond memories of my time there,” Fey, a 1992 graduate of the University of Virginia, said to Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost while wearing a sweater emblazoned with the school's logo. “I graduated a virgin and I still liked it. That's how good the architecture is down there.”

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[DIGEST: CNN 1, 2, Philly, NBC, FDA, Opana]

For the first time, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking to ban a previously approved opioid due to its addictive qualities. In this decision, the FDA specifically recognized the public health risk of the opioid epidemic and committed to making other similar evaluations with other drugs.

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[DIGEST: The Daily Beast, Quartz]

Late night talk show hosts Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah all weighed in on the “Bernie or Bust” contingent, which staged a walkout during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night. Party unity was chief among their collective concerns, which they voiced on their respective programs following a historic evening culminating in Hillary Clinton becoming the first female nominee of a major U.S. political party.

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