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NSFW Video From NJ Democrats Throws GOP Gov Nominee's Support for Swearing Ban Back in His Face
New Jersey Democratic State Committee

Conservative politicians frequently slam Democrats for supposed efforts to limit free speech, but a new ad from the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) is highlighting a Republican gubernatorial candidate's efforts to ban cursing.

The candidate, Jack Ciattarelli, once served on the Raritan Borough Council board in the 90s, where he supported an ordinance that banned "rude or indecent behavior," including cursing. Violations imposed fines of up to $500 and three months in jail.

Incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy's team said of the ban:

"Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is out of step with New Jersey — from his support for the Trump agenda to his opposition to public health measures to his attacks on LGBTQ inclusion and much more. But there is one issue where Ciattarelli's position might be even further outside the mainstream: his opposition to a favorite Garden State tradition, cursing."

Murphy shared NJDSC's video of New Jersey residents reacting to Ciattarelli's ban.

Watch below.

Their reactions were predictably profane, ranging from "You're sh***ing me!" to "No f***ing way!" and "This is f***ing New Jersey!"

One subject said the initiative sounded "nice," but—when asked if she was serious—responded "F**k no!"

The message at the end of the video reads:

"Let's show Jack how New Jersey f*cking does it."

The ad generated lots of buzz online.

They heaped praise on the video as a great political ad for its effectiveness and irreverence.

The New Jersey gubernatorial election is November 2.