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Trump Mocked After Unveiling New $40 MAGA Hat That He 'Personally Designed'
Alex Wong/Getty Images

From flags to baby clothes to masks, there's tons of merchandise available to indicate one's support for former President Donald Trump, but none of those have surpassed his infamous red "Make America Great Again" Caps.

Since the 2016 campaign, these caps have become synonymous with adoration for Trump. Virtually any Trump-centric event—be it a campaign rally or a deadly failed insurrection—is instantly recognizable thanks to the inevitable sea of red caps.

Now, amid the barrage of deceptive and judgmental fundraising emails, Trump is hawking a $40 MAGA hat that he claims to have personally designed.

Instead of the typical "Make America Great Again" slogan emblazoned in plain white text, the red cap features the all-too-familiar MAGA acronym in all-caps with gold trim.

The manic fundraising email read:

"[J]ust designed our BRAND NEW MAGA Hat...You've always been one of my most LOYAL supporters, so I don't want you to have just ANY hat…I want YOU to have the MAGA Hat that I personally HAND-SIGNED for YOU."

Reviews were...less than great.

Others mocked the idea that Trump personally designed the hat.

But the gold-lined hat has at least one silver lining, according to some social media users.

Where's Tim Gunn when you need him?