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Lara Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming People Were 'Better Off' Four Years Ago

After Lara Trump claimed Americans were better off four years ago than they are now, people gave her a reminder about what happened in 2020 on Donald Trump's watch.

Lara Trump; Donald Trump
Fox News

People quickly provided former Republican President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law Lara a reality check after she made a bold claim in a recent Fox News interview.

As newly elected co-chair of the Republican National Committee, Lara Trump appeared on Fox News Tuesday to promote her father-in-law. She borrowed a line then GOP presidential candidate Ronald Reagan used in his 1980 campaign.

You can watch the clip here:

Lara Trump told Fox viewers:

"People look around and they say, 'Am I better off now than I was four years ago?'."
"The answer to that is, 'No'."
"You can compare very easily how much better your life was with Donald Trump in office and how much worse you are now that Joe Biden is in office."

Whether Eric Trump's wife of 9+ years simply forgot, trauma-blocked or deliberately excluded key details about what was happening in the United States in March of 2020, many were happy to fill in the gaps for her.

Including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Lara Lea Yunaska was a story coordinator and producer for Inside Edition when she married Trump’s 30-year-old second son, Eric Frederick Trump, on the lawn of Mar-a-Lago in November of 2014.

Lara's media savvy has been tapped several times to help her father-in-law in business and politics.

This "4 years ago" line, however, looks like a definite media misstep. But it's hardly the first time this line has been attempted by supporters of the former president.

Just last week, Rep. Elise Stefanik tried to use the same line and was similarly reminded what was actually happening in the country four years prior.

Are they really going to keep trying this?