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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is one of the most controversial sects of government in the United States.

From widespread raids targeting longtime residents to extended detainment of American citizens to using a fake university to lure immigrant students on education visas, the organization routinely faces criticism for its human rights abuses.

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Conservatives are sending abstinence-only curriculum into classrooms at increasing rates, and a new study shows these programs are not only ineffective but unethical. Congress and the Trump administration are working to reverse the trends of more comprehensive sexual education, which had begun to improve during the Obama administration.


A report published in September’s Journal of Adolescent Health (JAH) finds that sexual education programs promoting “abstinence only until marriage” (AOUM) fail on numerous levels based on scientific data. Researchers evaluated previous scientific research, reviewed articles on the subject, and data from human rights groups to reach their conclusions. This wealth of evidence starkly contrasts with the small number of studies that support abstinence-based education programs—long endorsed by conservative groups.

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Detainees force-fed protein drinks to stave off malnutrition. Prisoners marched into holding cells, eyes covered by black-out goggles, fearing execution. Men hogtied in cages, beaten without warning, left alone without food or water.

These are but a fraction of the abuses alleged to have taken place within the detainment center at Guantanamo Bay. Even so, these abuses exist behind a veil of secrecy. Inquiries are swiftly hushed by military personnel.

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[DIGEST: New York Times, Human Rights Watch, The Independent, Public Radio International]

There is a crisis going on right now in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Thousands of Yazidi girls and women are being isolated from their families and held in pens. They are being photographed and given numbers to advertise them to potential buyers before being auctioned off for a life of sexual slavery, to be raped at their “owner’s” will, all in the name of God. Those who refuse are killed. It is a modern-day slave ring, one not only sanctioned by, but encouraged by, ISIS governing structures. This is not something that happened hundreds of years ago. This is happening right now. Right now, women are being sold for as little as $75.

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