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Former Political Prisoner Freed by Trump Spills the Tea in Savage Biden Endorsement Tweet
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

In 2014, Egyptian-American activist Aya Hijazi was among a group arrested for working on behalf of children during the Egyptian Revolution.

After three years in prison, Hijazi was acquitted of all charges by an Egyptian court and collected by Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell. The two flew back to Washington, D.C. where they were greeted by President Donald Trump.

Trump was sure to make Hijazi's release a moment of victory for him, and sure enough, Trump held a press briefing in the Oval Office to celebrate it.

Now, Hijazi is providing new insights into her interaction with Trump—and it's one of the reasons she's endorsing Democratic nominee Joe Biden for President.

According to Hijazi, the President said:

"You know it's I who released you, don't you? I succeeded and Obama failed."

For anyone who's followed Trump in the past few years, this might not be surprising. Trump frequently compares himself to his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, while often taking credit for his accomplishments as well, such as Veterans Choice legislation and the steady trend of decreased unemployment pre-pandemic.

People were disgusted by what the President said to Hijazi.

Trump's supporters didn't take kindly to what they viewed as a betrayal by Hijazi, and they attacked her with similar rhetoric as the President.

The United States election is on November 3rd.