Omar Sharif Google Doodle: 5 Fascinating Facts About the Egyptian Actor

“Working gets in the way of living.” Wise words spoken by the subject of today’s Google Doodle, actor Omar Sharif. In honor of the Lawrence of Arabia star’s 86th birthday, Google is putting Sharif on the homepage of its prolific search engine with a simple animation that fits the actor’s elegant style perfectly.   Born … Continued

Guillermo Haro: What to Know About Today’s Google Doodle

March 21, 2018 would have been Mexican astronomer Guillermo Haro’s 105th birthday. Though Haro’s is not a household name, his contributions to astronomy make him a worthwhile individual to get to know. Born in Mexico City in 1913, he was subject to grow up during the Mexican Revolution, but that did nothing to quell his … Continued

Jan Ingenhousz Google Doodle: What Did the Dutch Scientist Discover?

Who does today’s Google Doodle honor? Geerdt Mageils put it best in his paper for the 1st Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, when he said, “Who discovered photosynthesis? Not many people know. Jan Ingenhousz’ name has been forgotten, his life and work have disappeared in the mists of time. Still, the tale … Continued

Hole Punch History: 3 Facts for Today’s Google Doodle

Today Google honors hole punch history and the 131st anniversary of the hole puncher. The hole puncher can be traced to German Friedrich Soennecken, an entrepreneur and inventor, who filed for a patent for his Papierlocher für Sammelmappen on November 14, 1886. Papierlocher für Sammelmappen translates to “paper punch for binders.” Soennecken is also the … Continued



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