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Body Language Expert Breaks Down the Moment You Know Trump Is Lying About Biden During Press Briefing

In a White House press briefing on Thursday, President Trump took a moment to try to cast Joe Biden as dishonest and disingenuous for using a teleprompter to deliver remarks--a device that Trump then claimed he is "not allowed" to use, and then proceeded to use hours later at a rally in Michigan.

You need only look at the countless photos and videos showing Trump using the devices over the years to know his claims are ridiculous. But for those who prefer a bit more of a scientific analysis, a doctor on Twitter has highlighted a different smoking gun: Trump's body language.

Physican and body language expert Dr. Jack Brown took to Twitter yesterday to break down exactly how he can tell Trump was lying using a simple physical cue that blew his psychological cover: needlessly adjusting his tie.

During Trump's comments yesterday, he could be seen adjusting his tie at the precise moment he criticizes and mocks Joe Biden's use of teleprompter when delivering statements about the pandemic.

The tie adjustment appears at the 0:21 mark in this video from the presser.

Dr. Brown says that it is precisely this so-called "False Tie Adjustment" that betrays Trump's dishonesty.

As he explains in a subsequent tweet, Trump's unnecessary fiddling with his tie as he criticizes Biden indicates that he feels uncomfortable and lacking in confidence.

In short, the President is uncomfortable because he knows what he's saying is untrue.

Indeed, despite his repeated claims over the years to the contrary--and even suggesting during the 2016 campaign that candidates be forbidden by law from using them--Trump regularly uses a teleprompter during public appearances.

During yesterday's Michigan rally, Trump even directly acknowledged his use of a teleprompter in his comments.

On Twitter, many people were not at all surprised by Dr. Brown's conclusions.

And others pointed out that while Trump may not have been using a teleprompter in this particular press conference, it seemed clear he was reading off of something.

And of course, others pointed out the many examples of Trump using a teleprompter, including on the same day as his comments about Biden.

Trump's has since used a teleprompter at this morning's 9/11 commemoration ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.