Liberals and moderates criticized President Donald Trump and the GOP driven tax breaks of 2017 even before they were enacted.

But now, after two years and ample proof the claims Trump and the Republican controlled Congress made when they pushed the plan through were false, more voices are joining in.

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National Archives; @RadioFreeTom/Twitter

Conservative historian Tom Nichols decided there are worse things than a progressive Democrat in the White House: President Donald Trump.

In an OP-ed piece for USA Today, Nichols spelled out his view in explicit detail.

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National Archives; Jessica Pons/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Ben Shapiro is the son of a Hollywood TV executive and a composer who grew up in affluent Los Angeles neighborhoods. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the child of working-class parents who grew up in the Bronx.

Shapiro is a conservative pundit who attended the best schools his parents' money and connections could buy. AOC is a Democratic Socialist who attended the best schools her academic achievements offered her.

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@davidmweissman/Twitter; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Not every Trump supporter from 2016 is still a ride or die member of the MAGA crowd. One former conservative Republican Trump voter, David Weissman, shared his change of heart on Twitter, more than once in an appeal to other Trump voters who are less than happy with the results of their 2016 vote.

Weissman describes himself as:

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Conservative Christian political commentator Matt Lewis and President Donald Trump (@mattklewis/Twitter and Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Self-proclaimed conservative Christian author, Senior Columnist at The Daily Beast and CNN political commentator Matt Lewis' latest column dubbed President Donald Trump the "bully from the White House."

In his opinion piece, Lewis once again asks his fellow Christians to reflect on their hypocrisy in supporting Trump. He states:

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President Donald Trump and Ann Coulter (Photos by Ron Sachs-Pool and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Fading one-time conservative media darling Ann Coulter—who only seems to gain notice now by criticizing President Donald Trumpoffered him some more unsolicited advice on The Howie Carr Show. But despite the source's apparent animosity toward Trump, Coulter's suggestion is still sound.

To avoid situations like the one the Trump administration now finds themself in with fired White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman, Coulter advises:

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Donald Trump won last month’s Louisiana Republican primary, but that won’t stop Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from winning more delegates, despite his second place finish.

Both candidates won 18 delegates each in the March 5 contest, but Cruz has reportedly used his influence to entice more delegates into supporting him, concentrating his efforts on convention committees with the power to deny Trump the GOP nomination. Trump threatened to file a lawsuit over delegate rules in response.

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