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Chrissy Teigen Has a Surprisingly Plausible Theory for When Trump Will Actually Leave Office If He Loses

President Donald Trump sparked concerns this week that he would jeopardize a peaceful transfer of power between Presidents if Democratic nominee Joe Biden carries a victory in November.

The peaceful transfer of power has been a key component in the continuation of American democracy as we know it, but Trump said we would have to "see what happens" when asked if he'd accept a defeat.

Americans across the country sounded alarms for Democrats to prepare for an effort to steal the election.

But supermodel, author, and Trump critic Chrissy Teigen thinks events might unfold another way.

In a string of Thursday night tweets, Teigen predicted that Trump would actually resign on election night.

With an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots expected in the general election, it's highly unlikely that the winner of the election will be decided by election night. In fact, it's possible that election night will see Trump with a strong initial showing, since Republican voters tend to be more skeptical of voting by mail.

Nevertheless, Teigen's prediction certainly tracked with Trump's personality.

People certainly wouldn't seem to mind if her forecast came true.

Last year, the President attacked Teigen and husband John Legend on Twitter. Teigen responded by calling him a "p---y ass b---h," which later evolved into the hashtag #PresidentPAB.