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A Boeing 737-600 prepares to take off from Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport as part of Janet Airlines. (Screenshot via YouTube.)

Flight attendants don’t want their job to be interesting. When your workday ends up in the news because of a celebrity meltdown or because a passenger wants to try something creative like wearing all of his clothes at once, rather than pay a checked baggage fee, the skies don’t feel particularly friendly. The number of drunk airline passengers jumped 50 percent in 2017, sexual harassment and assault on the job is almost a given, and if the passengers aren’t misbehaving, their support animals are pooping and peeing on the plane or biting other passengers — so frequently that Delta is now changing its policies after seeing a 150 percent increase since 2015 in the number of support animals on planes — and a corresponding 85 percent increase in bad animal (and human) behavior.

Flight attendants who work for Janet, the top-secret, highly classified airline operated by the United States Air Force, however, may well enjoy quieter workdays. Janet Passengers tend to be military personnel and other government entities, and presumably their support animals are highly trained as well. Janet is said to stand for Just Another Non-Existent Terminal, and they are hiring.

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