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President Donald Trump and his allies continue to defend his decision to launch an air strike against top Iranian military official, Qasem Soleimani, citing the hundreds of Americans who died at Soleimani's hands.

Trump launched the strike in retaliation to the death of an American military translator and protestors storming the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

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[DIGEST: IFLScience, National Geographic, The Guardian ]

2017 sees the first bee species to be officially classified as “endangered” in North America. The rusty patched bumblebee has the unfortunate honor of being both the first pollinator and bumblebee species to be given this distinction.

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[DIGEST: Bloomberg, New York Magazine, The Economist]

Over 80 years ago, economist John Maynard Keynes predicted advances in technology would lead to a 15-hour workweek by 2030.

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How bad is China’s economy? If only we knew.

The closed and secretive nature of the Chinese government, and its tight control over markets, makes diagnosing the Chinese economy a lot like diagnosing a friend’s medical condition using Wikipedia. Bloomberg News recently threw up its hands and declared that, in the absence of clear and dependable measures, there are six different ways you can look at China’s economy, so take your pick.

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A box of cupcakes are seen topped with icons of same-sex couples at City Hall in San Francisco. (CREDIT: REUTERS/STEPHEN LAM)

WASHINGTON (Reuters/Steve Holland) - A majority of Americans believe businesses should not be allowed to refuse services based on their religious beliefs in the wake of controversies in Indiana and Arkansas over gay rights and religious freedom, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found on Thursday.

The poll, conducted April 6 to 8, also found that 52 percent of Americans support allowing same-sex couples to marry, far more than the 32 percent who oppose it.

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