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Side by Side Edit of Trump Video Returning Home From Walter Reed With Shots From Hitler Propaganda Film Has the Internet Unsettled

Critics say that President Donald Trump's political power relies on propaganda to indoctrinate its supporters, from gassing peaceful protesters for a photo-op with a bible to the veneer of patriotism on display at his rallies.

Another favorite tactic of Trump and his campaign is posting cinematic videos of what they believe are Trump's most successful achievements.

Such was the case when Trump returned from Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday evening after three days of supplemental oxygen treatment and cocktails of powerful drugs.

Though still infected with the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans, Trump arrived back at the White House and defiantly removed his mask before stepping inside.

The Trump campaign made sure it was a production.

Watch below.

The use of visual propaganda to alter public opinion is centuries old and it's allowed some of the most violent and disastrous leaders to rise to power.

Journalist Matt Danzico took note of this when comparing the video to a compilation of shots from the first 10 minutes of the 1935 Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will.

Both pieces feature each country's leaders—Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler—exiting aircraft and waving to cameras from their residences. Some shots—like the closeups of the aircraft wheels and their landings—are eerily similar.

People were somewhat disturbed.

Others dismissed the video, noting that the most similar shots from Triumph of the Will were spliced together, not playing out in real time.