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Dem Governor Tells Trump To 'Stop Sh*t Talking America' In Epic Rant

PA Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro dropped an S-bomb on 'Inside with Jen Psaki', explaining to Trump why the U.S. is 'the greatest country on Earth.'

Josh Shapiro; Donald Trump
MSNBC; Eric Thayer for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro offered some stern words of wisdom to former Republican President and convicted felon Donald Trump on Monday, including:

"...quit whining."

Governor Shapiro was a guest on MSNBC's Inside With Jen Psaki.

Psaki asked about the potential impact of Trump's conviction on 34 criminal counts and Governor Shapiro responded he didn't know yet how the presumptive GOP 2024 presidential candidate's multiple felonies would affect voters.

Sharing his constituents' priorities, Governor Shapiro stated:

"They want good schools for their kids. They want safe communities. They want economic opportunities."
"And they want their freedoms to be protected."
"And you know what? I think they want to be led by someone who is honest and decent—someone who’s actually on their side like Joe Biden."

Governor Shapiro's comments came a day after Trump joked to a MAGA rally crowd collapsing in temperatures exceeding 100° F (38° C) that he didn't care about their health or safety, he just cared about their votes.

Then Governor Shapiro offered some blunt advice to Trump.

"...stop shit-talking America!"

You can watch the moment here:

Governor Shapiro began by stating some facts.

"All they hear from Donald Trump is a whole bunch of whining about this country. And I think Donald Trump’s got to quit whining, got to quit trying to divide us."
"I mean, consider this, Jen, we’re producing more energy than anyone before in this nation. We have the strongest economy in the world and we are beating China for the first time in decades. More people went to work this morning in America than any other time in our nation’s history."

Pennsylvania's Democratic Governor told the former President:

"So, I got a message to Donald Trump and all of his negativity and whining: stop shit-talking America!"




Governor Shapiro added:

"This is the greatest country on Earth and it’s time that we all start acting like it. The good people of Pennsylvania understand that this is a great country, understand that we got a whole lot going for us."
"And now it’s time for us to continue this path of progress that Joe Biden has laid out and not go back to a negative time, not listen to the whining of the former President, and instead, focus on a positive future for all of us."

People appreciated Shapiro's straightforward take on Trump.

Although they acknowledged the one person who most needed to hear it is incapable of accepting constructive criticism.





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During an earlier segment of his MSNBC interview, Governor Shapiro shared his concerns about a second Trump presidency.

He told Psaki:

"I'm deeply concerned by the system. It's why we should not put the country at risk by putting Donald Trump back in charge back in charge of our justice system, back in charge of our military."
"You know Donald Trump came out of those 34 convictions doing what he always does when he gets in legal trouble—kind of a a cut and and paste job, if you will. And I remember this well from my time as Attorney General."

Getting to a core trait of Trump, Governor Shapiro pointed out:

"He complains, he bemoans the fact that he lost and he makes up excuses and tries to pivot away from personal responsibility."

The Pennsylvania Democrat provided history of Trump's attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss.

"Remember I was the Attorney General in Pennsylvania where he and his cronies and allies took us to court 43 different times to try and stop certain people from voting, stop the votes from being cast."
"And by the way, he went 0 and 43—we went 43 and 0. We protected the rule of law and the will of the people."

Governor Shapiro then spoke on Trump's well-documented vindictiveness.

"And now Donald Trump wants to come back and—as he has said—exact revenge."
"The idea that he would be put in charge of the justice system and have people surrounding him that were out just trying to get, you know, his perceived enemies should scare all Americans."
"And it's another example of the kind of chaos that he would inflict on our country if he's given the opportunity to lead this nation again."
"We have always been a nation that respects the rule of law, respects our institutions. Donald Trump has tried to undermine our faith in one another and our faith in our institutions."
"We didn't let him get away with it in 2020 and I hope and pray we won't let him get away with it in 2024."

Governor Shapiro offered a stark warning for voters.

"What should scare the Hell out of everybody is that, remember in 2016 after Donald Trump won and when he took office in 2017, he and most people around him didn't know what the Hell they were doing."
"And there were also still a few people around him that provided some guard rails for his chaotic conduct. Now those people who might provide those guard rails, they're gone."
"And a lot of the dangerous people around him know how the bureaucracy works, know how the justice system works, know how the military works."
"And if he is given the opportunity to lead this nation again with those people around him who want to do real danger, who want to take away your fundamental freedoms, that should scare the Hell out of everybody."
"And that's not the kind of chaos we want in this country."
"It's such an important point. It's not–it's the people who know how to manipulate. It's also the plans that are being written—that a lot of them [Project 2025] are even online."

You can watch more of Governor Shapiro's interview here: