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Screenshot of Tammy Bruce. Harris Faulkner, and Jonathan Kott

Fox Personalities Lose It After Guest Reminds Them Of Awkward Truth About Donald Trump

Democratic strategist Jonathan Kott sent Fox's Harris Faulkner and commentator Tammy Bruce into overdrive after reminding them about the company Trump keeps.

Donald Trump

Author Compiles List Of Reasons To Vote Against Trump In 2024—And Hoo Boy, It's A Lot

Author Mark Jacob posted a thread on X that lists all of the 'reasons to vote against Trump' and it's going on 100 reasons.

Brit Hume; Real America's Voice screenshot of Charlie Kirk

Fox Host Dunks On Pro-Trump Activist With Blunt Fact-Check Of His Latest Hot Take

Fox's Brit Hume fired back at Charlie Kirk after he questioned why those who think Trump had a 'failed presidency' would work to prevent a 'second Trump term.'

Florida Channel screenshots of Jeff Holcomb and Kelly Skidmore during his speech

GOP Lawmaker Accidentally Admits His Hatred For 'Homosexuals' During Floor Speech—And His Colleague's Reaction Is All Of Us

Florida Republican lawmaker Jeff Holcomb accidentally admitted his hatred for the LGBTQ+ community with a slip of the tongue during a speech causing Rep. Skidmore's jaw to drop.

screenshot of Chip Roy and the hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Fox News

Pro-Trump Rep. Lists Two Things Military Should Focus On Rather Than 'Wokeness'–And Yeah, That Tracks

GOP Representative Chip Roy went on Fox News to urge the military to 'blow things up and kill people' rather than focusing on 'rainbow bullets.'

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