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Donald Trump and Dr. Deborah Birx speaking at Covid briefing in April 2020

Biden Campaign Posts Startling Reminder Of What Trump Was Saying About Covid 4 Years Ago Today

The Biden HQ X account posted video from April 22, 2020 when Trump asked Dr. Birx whether there's 'a chance Covid won't come back.'

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Masterfully Trolls Trump After He Asks If Americans Are 'Better Off Than Four Years Ago'

After Donald Trump took to Truth Social to ask 'are you better off than you were four years ago,' Hillary Clinton had the perfect reply.

Lara Trump; Donald Trump

Lara Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming People Were 'Better Off' Four Years Ago

After Lara Trump claimed Americans were better off four years ago than they are now, people gave her a reminder about what happened in 2020 on Donald Trump's watch.

Screenshots of Donald Trump and Steve Rattner

Trump Gets Awkward Fact-Check After Claiming 'Crime Is Rampant' In The U.S.

On 'Morning Joe', Steve Rattner fact checked Donald Trump's claim that 'crime is rampant' and it's super awkward for Trump.

Donald Trump answering questions from Jonathan Swan on 2020 episode of Axios on HBO

Biden Campaign Shares 'Most Insane Thing' Trump Has Ever Said With Bonkers 2020 Clip

The Biden-Harris HQ X account resurfaced a 2020 clip of Donald Trump coldly dismissing Covid deaths in response to 'What is the most insane thing anyone has said?' post.

Screenshot of John Bolton; Donald Trump

Former Trump Official Slams Trump As 'Delusional' Over Bonkers Reaction To Iran's Israel Attack

Donald Trump asserted with no evidence that Iran never would have attacked Israel if he had been president, and John Bolton just called him out.

Byron Donalds

Fact-Check: GOP Rep's False Claim of Biden Closing Schools

Rep. Byron Donalds was swiftly informed, both by an X Community Note and users that Donald Trump was president in 2020 when schools shuttered due to Covid lockdowns.

Robert F. Kennedy; Rioters attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

RFK Jr. Channels Trump On January 6 Rioters In Bonkers E-mail—Then Walks It Back, Of Course

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. walked back an e-mail in which he referred to the January 6 rioters as 'activists' who were 'stripped of their Constitutional liberties.'

Screenshot of Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Goes Full QAnon In Bonkers 'Drop Out Of College' Rant From Mar-A-Lago Party

In a video posted from Mar-A-Lago, Roseanne urged everyone to 'drop out of college' because professors are 'devil worshipping' 'Democrat donors.'

Screenshot of Laura Ingraham and J.D. Vance

GOP Senator's Laughable Claim About Who Benefited From Trump's Policies Gets Brutal Reminder

Senator JD Vance had X users cackling after his claim about which Americans benefited from Trump's policies versus Biden's policies.

Anthony Fauci; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Dr. Fauci Calls Out Marjorie Taylor Greene For Fueling Death Threats Against Him

After the MAGA Rep. was more unhinged than usual during House committee questioning on Monday, Fauci went on CNN and spoke out about the rise in threats against him and his family.

Fox News screenshot of Nancy Mace; Donald Trump

GOP Rep. Brutally Fact-Checked After Claiming 'Everything Was Better Under Trump'

Nancy Mace got instantly fact-checked by X users after claiming that 'everything was better under Trump.'

Screenshot of Donald Trump

Trump Tried To Hit Biden Over The 'Supply Chain'—But It Backfired In Yet Another Verbal Gaffe

Donald Trump claimed 'everything worked' during his presidency in a muddled attempt at slamming Biden for 'supply chain' issues.

Jamie Raskin; Anthony Fauci

Dem Rep Perfectly Rips Republicans For Treating Dr. Fauci 'Like A Convicted Felon'

Rep. Jamie Raskin hilariously trolled Donald Trump in a rant calling out Republicans for treating Dr. Fauci like 'a convicted felon.'

Screenshots of Steve Bannon and Mike Johnson

Steve Bannon Melts Down After Mike Johnson Says Biden's Presidency Is 'God's Will'

After Speaker Mike Johnson admits that in his belief, Joe Biden's election is 'God's will', Steve Bannon flipped out on his podcast, calling Biden 'illegitimate.'

Screenshots of Joe Biden and Trump

Biden Masterfully Trolls Trump For Saying He Hopes Stock Market Crashes In 'Next 12 Months'

After Donald Trump said he hopes the stock market crashes 'in the next 12 months' because he doesn't want 'to be Herbert Hoover,' Biden had some sobering words for the former president.

Jimmy Kimmel; Aaron Rodgers

Jimmy Kimmel Threatens To Sue Aaron Rodgers After Crack About Jeffrey Epstein Documents

Jimmy Kimmel fired back at Aaron Rodgers after the quarterback implied that Kimmel's name would be unsealed among Jeffrey Epstein documents.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones Says His Unintentionally Sexual Meme Was Really About 'Cannibalism'—And People Are Weirded Out

After Alex Jones posted a bizarre meme warning he'll 'eat leftist ass,' Jones tried to justify the post with weird references to 'cannibalism.'

Stephen Miller; Taylor Swift

Former Trump Aide Dragged For Conspiratorial Reaction To Taylor Swift Being Named 'Person Of The Year'

After Taylor Swift was named Time's Person of the Year, Donald Trump's former advisor Stephen Miller weighed in with a conspiratorial post.

Screenshot of Maria Bartiromo

People Can't Get Enough Of Watching Fox Business Host Begrudgingly Announce Latest Strong Jobs Report

Aaron Rupar posted video of Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo and her panel of experts announcing another strong jobs report.

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