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Former GOP Governor of Wisconsin Pours Cold Water on Trump's Recount Hopes in the State

Former GOP Governor of Wisconsin Pours Cold Water on Trump's Recount Hopes in the State
Scott Olson/Getty Images // SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

The 2020 election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is proving to be much more of a nail biter than most polls predicted.

With multiple pathways to victory for Biden, Trump and his campaign are pulling out all the stops to contest the results. Trump falsely declared a victory in the early hours of November 4 and vowed to take the issue to the Supreme Court, though it's unclear what grounds he would have to convince the nation's highest court not to count votes.

In addition to tweeting lies about the Democratic process, Trump and his campaign officials will demand a recount in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin, which Trump narrowly won in 2016. With nearly all precincts in Wisconsin reporting, Biden maintains a lead of 20 thousand votes, leading CNN and MSNBC to call the state in his favor.

Because Trump is behind Biden by less than one percentage point, the Trump campaign has said it will demand the recount to which it's entitled under Wisconsin law. However, it's unlikely that will change Trump's prognosis in the state.

The Republican former Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, used the past instances of recounts in Wisconsin to show why.

Walker noted that recounts in Wisconsin have historically swung votes by the hundreds, not the tens of thousands Trump would need to swing the state back in its favor.

While anything can still happen as far as the electoral vote winner, Walker's reminder gave some reason to hope.

People are still preparing for the havoc of Trump and his allies' desperation for a second term.

Wisconsin has significantly narrowed Trump's pathways to victory.