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New Biden Ad Featuring Trump Ripping On Football Is Airing In Swing States During NFL Draft

The Biden HQ X account shared an ad the Biden campaign is running in swing states during the NFL draft featuring Donald Trump slamming football as 'boring.'

Joe Biden pretending to throw a football at White House event; Donald Trump
Win McNamee/Getty Images; Andrew Harnick/Getty Images

President Joe Biden's campaign continues to masterfully troll former President Donald Trump, this time by running an ad in swing states during the NFL draft featuring Trump slamming football as "boring."

The 20-second ad showcases a montage of Trump criticizing football, calling it "boring as hell" and saying "nobody cares about football," contrasted with footage of Biden interacting with and praising football players.

The ad, part of the ongoing early battle in Biden's anticipated close general election contest against Trump, concludes with the message:

"Make the right pick in November."

Biden's campaign posted the ad to X, formerly Twitter, with the following snarky message:

"NEW AD: Trump says football is 'boring as hell' and 'nobody cares about it. So we're airing this during the NFL draft for football fans to see."

You can see the post and the ad below.

In a separate post, the campaign noted that the ad "is now airing in Detroit, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Charlotte."

The ad annoyed Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung, who said the Biden campaign "posted a video where Biden could barely hold up a football" and included a video of "real athlete" Trump throwing a football through a goal.

But it was clear Dark Brandon's social media game was stronger than ever.

The ad taps into the long-standing tensions between the NFL and Trump, who once owned the rival United States Football League team the New Jersey Generals in the 1980s. In 2014, Trump also tried to buy the Buffalo Bills, but failed as investors doubted the NFL would approve the purchase.

Trump has repeatedly criticized football and specifically the NFL over the years, including during his presidency when he lashed out at NFL players—notably Colin Kaepernick—who kneeled during the national anthem as a protest against systemic racism.

Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, who attended the NFL draft in Michigan on Thursday evening, said in a statement that while the rest of the nation celebrates one of football's biggest events, Trump will be "sitting on the sidelines trying to make tonight about himself, rage-posting on his failing social media platform and spewing his extreme, divisive, and historically unpopular agenda."