Have Scientists Discovered the Secret to Mind Control?

What would you do with $1 million? The University of Washington knows what they would do. The Seattle-based University recently acquired a $1 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to fund research that aims to unlock the mysteries of the human brain. UW scientists have established new methods of direct brain-to-brain communication, allowing two individuals to exchange messages and information via the Internet. Apparently it is now possible to enhance our telekinetic abilities with the miracles of modern technology.

The experiment to achieve these results was remarkable. According to the UW, their research team “combined two kinds of noninvasive instruments and fine-tuned software to connect two human brains in real time. The process is fairly straightforward. One participant is hooked to an electroencephalography machine that reads brain activity and sends electrical pulses via the Web to the second participant, who is wearing a swim cap with a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil placed near the part of the brain that controls hand movements.”

Two individuals, thus equipped, were placed half a mile apart in separate buildings on the UW campus, and played a videogame where they defended a city against an attacking pirate ship. The “sender” was able to see the game, but unable to interact in any way, aside from thinking about when and where to move their hand on the control pad. The “receiver” was provided with a touchpad and placed in a dark room, unable to see the video game. However, once the thought messages from the sender were transmitted, the receiver would touch the pad to fire the cannons accordingly.

According to the UW, “if the brain-to-brain interface was successful, the receiver’s hand would twitch, pressing the touchpad and firing the cannon that was displayed on the sender’s computer screen across campus.” Researchers reported between 25%-83% accuracy, depending on how precisely the sender thought about firing.

These new discoveries in brain-to-brain interface have unlocked funding to take

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