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Sarah Palin Mocked For Somehow Misspelling Lauren Boebert's Name In Endorsement Announcement

Sarah Palin meme announces congressional endorsement from Lauren 'Boehbert.'

Sarah Palin Mocked For Somehow Misspelling Lauren Boebert's Name In Endorsement Announcement
Brandon Bell/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and human gaffe machine Sarah Palin may be behind in the polls by double digits in her Alaska Congressional run, but she's landed one of the most coveted MAGA Republican endorsements out there: far-right crackpot Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert.

Granted, Palin spelled Boebert's name wrong in her big announcement of the endorsement, but hey, an endorsement's an endorsement, right?

Palin, whose campaign to represent Alaska's at-large Congressional district beginning in January is struggling, has been crowing about Boebert's endorsement on her official campaign Instagram.

Or at least she was, until she deleted her post about it after the entire internet pointed out that she and, presumably, the numerous campaign staffers who wrote, designed and proofed the announcement, misspelled Boebert's name as "Boehbert."

Of course, screenshots are forever, so the endorsement announcement lives on.

Please join us in pointing and laughing below.

The announcement read:

"Thank you for your endorsement, Rep. Boehbert [sic]! I'm excited to join forces with a fellow Mama Grizzly."
"Together, we will put a stop to Biden's destructive agenda and get this country back on the right track."

That's all but certain not to happen.

Palin was down by double digits in every poll last month, one of which had her getting beaten by 24 points by her Democratic opponent Mary Peltola, who already defeated her in a special election in August to determine who would serve out the rest of late Republican Congressman Don Young's term after his death in March.

Now, you'd think when you're down that bad you'd pay attention to details, but those have never been Palin's strong suit.

This is, after all, the woman who couldn't name a single newspaper when asked by Katie Couric in 2008 while she was late Republican Senator John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

But even for Palin, this endorsement announcement is ... well, really something. Like, why are Palin and Boehbert--er, sorry, Boebert--against a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline? Neither has any affiliation to New York--or any other large city for that matter--whatsoever. And isn't New York the nexus of everything Republicans hate?

Bold choices were made here in the making of this endorsement announcement, and not one of them makes a lick of sense--which is pretty much smack-dab on-brand for Sarah Palin, of course.

And on Twitter, people had quite a laugh about it.

Palin is only one of the Republicans running in the race for Alaska's congressional seat. The other, Nick Begich, has also been consistently behind Peltola, though by mostly smaller margins. Palin has tried and failed to get Begich to drop out of the race to consolidate Republican votes behind her, without success.