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Patagonia Pulls Merchandise From Wyoming Ski Resort After Owners Held Event for QAnon Rep.

Patagonia Pulls Merchandise From Wyoming Ski Resort After Owners Held Event for QAnon Rep.
Robert Alexander/Getty Images // Scott Olson/Getty Images

Leading outdoor apparel brand Patagonia recently announced it would no longer sell its merchandise at the Jackson Hole ski resort in Wyoming after one of the venue's owners, Jay Kemmerer, held a fundraiser for far-right lawmakers.

Kemmerer hosted members of the far-right House Freedom Caucus at the Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming earlier this month. The event featured some of the most radical conservative members of Congress, including Georgia Representative and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene was stripped of her committee assignments by the House earlier this year for her prior support of deranged conspiracy theories. The Congresswoman continues to champion anti-vaccine rhetoric and parrots talking points from the QAnon conspiracy web, which hinges on the belief that former President Donald Trump was chosen by God to expose a network of satanic cannibal pedophiles secretly controlling the United States government.

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, also spoke at the fundraiser. Jordan remains one of former President Donald Trump's most vocal defenders and voted in favor of throwing out electoral votes in swing states Trump lost after months of parroting the lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

A representative for Patagonia said in a statement to the Washington Post:

"Those that know us in Jackson Hole are aware that we make business decisions and build relationships in alignment with our values and advocacy efforts. We join with the local community that is using its voice in protest. We will continue to use our business to advocate for policies to protect our planet, support thriving communities and a strong democracy."

The resort, which sold Patagonia merchandise in three of its stores, was the largest single Patagonia customer in the region.

Social media user's praised the company's decision.

Some pledged to show the company financial support for their decision.

It doesn't look like the company will be missing Jackson Hole's dollars.