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Marjorie Taylor Greene; Jim Jordan

MTG Mocked After Getting Shut Down By Jim Jordan At Hunter Biden Press Conference

After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a bizarre question about sex trafficking during the House GOP's Hunter Biden press conference, even Jim Jordan had to shut her down.

Don Bacon; Jim Jordan

MAGA Jim Jordan Supporters Send Threatening Texts To GOP Rep's Wife

After Rep. Don Bacon voted against Jim Jordan for Speaker, his wife received threatening texts from MAGA Jordan supporters.

Kevin McCarthy; Jim Jordan

Kevin McCarthy Roasted After His Speaker Vote Prediction Did Not Age Well At All

After Kevin McCarthy predicted Jim Jordan would win the House Speakership on the 'first round of votes,' he got roasted online when Jordan came 20 votes shy.

Screenshots of Eric Swalwell

Eric Swalwell Lists Top 10 Reasons GOP's Biden Impeachment 'Is Dead' In Mic Drop Rant

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell counted down the top 10 reasons the GOP's impeachment of Joe Biden is dead, even declaring its time of death.

Eric Swalwell; screenshot of Trump gaffe supercut

Democrats Play Withering Supercuts Of Confused Trump During Hearing—And Trump Just Responded

During a House Judiciary hearing on Robert Hur's report on Biden's retention of classified documents, Reps. Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell played brutal supercuts of Donald Trump's many gaffes and memory lapses.

Troy Nehls; Joe Biden

GOP Rep. Accidentally Admits The Real Reason Behind Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Trump ally Rep. Troy Nehls came right out and admitted the real reason the GOP House wants to impeach Joe Biden, and it has everything to do with Trump.

Eric Swalwell; Jim Jordan

Eric Swalwell Perfectly Shames Jim Jordan Over Hypocritical 'Subpoena Compliance' Demand

Eric Swalwell calls out Jim Jordan's hypocrisy for issuing subpoenas after defying them when Democrats were in control.

Brian Butler; Donald Trump

Former Mar-A-Lago Employee Who Helped Trump Move Documents Rebuts Trump's Favorite Talking Point

Brian Butler, a former Mar-A-Lago employee named as 'Trump Employee 5' in Jack Smith's indictment, spoke out to CNN about the case.

C-SPAN screenshot of Nancy Mace wearing a "scarlet letter"

Nancy Mace Roasted After Bizarre 'Scarlet Letter' Stunt Backfires

Rep. Nancy Mace wore the 'Scarlet Letter' to protest how she was 'demonized' for voting to oust Kevin McCarthy, but didn't seem to understand the letter's meaning.

CNN screenshot of Jake Tapper and Nikki Haley

Jake Tapper Laughs In Haley's Face After She Tries To Make GOP Chaos About Joe Biden

Jake Tapper scoffed at Nikki Haley, reminding her that she 'can't blame this on Biden' after she tried to make the chaos in the House GOP about the President.

CNN screenshot of Brianna Keilar and Austin Scott

CNN Anchor Bluntly Shames GOP Rep. For Not Knowing How Congress Works

Rep. Austin Scott went on CNN to blame Democrats for providing '96% of the votes' to oust Speaker McCarthy, so Brianna Keilar schooled him on how Congress actually works.

Brian Kilmeade; Tim Burchett

Conservatives Turn On Fox After Host Rips Anti-McCarthy Rep For Speaker Vote

Brian Kilmeade did not hide his contempt for Rep. Tim Burchett after he voted to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, and conservatives were not happy.

George Conway; Mike Johnson

George Conway Trolls New GOP Speaker With Brutal 10 MAGA Commandments—And Yep, That Tracks

George Conway ripped new GOP Speaker Mike Johnson, Donald Trump and the entire GOP with his brutal 10 Commandments.

Screenshots of Rep. Dan Crenshaw appearing to trip an alt-right journalist

GOP Rep. Caught On Camera Trying To Trip Far Right Journalist

As Rep. Dan Crenshaw was being stalked by alt-right journalists from the National File, Crenshaw appeared to try to trip one of them as he approached stairs.

Rep. Ken Buck; Attorney General Merrick Garland

GOP Rep Praises Merrick Garland During House Hearing In Epic Republican Takedown

Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado was an unexpected defender of Attorney General Merrick Garland during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Donald Trump Jr.; Elon Musk

Someone Compiled Maine Shooting Suspect's Twitter History—And It's A Who's Who Of MAGA

The Twitter history of Robert Card, who is suspected of killing 18 in Lewiston, Maine, is a who's who of MAGA and Trump world.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy

The State Of The Union Isn’t What’s Worrisome—It’s The State Of The GOP

Concerns grow over the rise of White nationalism, Christian nationalism, conspiracy cults like QAnon and the embrace of fascism in the Republican Party.

Matt Gaetz; Kevin McCarthy

Matt Gaetz Suggests McCarthy Is A 'Squatter' In Speaker's Office In Savage Letter To House Official

Matt Gaetz sends 'Architect of the House' letter suggesting Kevin McCarthy is a 'squatter' in the Speaker's office having failed to win the votes in three rounds of voting.

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