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Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy

The State Of The Union Isn’t What’s Worrisome—It’s The State Of The GOP

Concerns grow over the rise of White nationalism, Christian nationalism, conspiracy cults like QAnon and the embrace of fascism in the Republican Party.

Matt Gaetz; Kevin McCarthy

Matt Gaetz Suggests McCarthy Is A 'Squatter' In Speaker's Office In Savage Letter To House Official

Matt Gaetz sends 'Architect of the House' letter suggesting Kevin McCarthy is a 'squatter' in the Speaker's office having failed to win the votes in three rounds of voting.

Lauren Boebert; Matt Gaetz; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republicans’ Problems Are Already Baked Into Their Party’s Genetics

The Republican Party is not only in disarray but will likely wind up shooting itself in the face many times over the next two years.

John 'Jack' Smith

Everything You Need To Know About The New Special Counsel But Didn't Know To Ask

Special Counsel Jack Smith brings experience from the United States Department of Justice Public Integrity division and The Hague United Nations International Court of Justice where he prosecuted war crimes.

Republican Representatives Jason Smith, Elise Stefanik, Kevin McCarthy, Kay Granger and Steve Scalise

Let The GOP Hunger Games Begin—The Fight For Speaker Of The House

Despite having a majority in the House, Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy—longtime House Minority Leader—still does not appear to have the votes to ascend to the Speakership.

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Made Three Big Mistakes—Can He Overcome Them?

McCarthy tried and failed three times to roll the heavy, treasonous GOP ball up Capitol Hill to reach his long-sought role as Speaker.

Twitter screenshot of the suspended @elonjet Twitter account; Elon Musk

Elon Musk Ripped After Twitter Account That Tracked His Private Jet Was Suspended

Jack Sweeney's @ElonJet Twitter account was suspended after Sweeney called out Elon Musk for shadowbanning the account.

Trump Just Denied Calling For The 'Termination' Of The Constitution–And Wow

Trump Just Denied Calling For The 'Termination' Of The Constitution–And Wow

Donald Trump says claims he called for 'termination' of the Constitution are 'disinformation and lies.'

Kevin McCarthy, unidentified man and Lauren Boebert

The GOP Created Lauren Boebert—Now They Can’t Control Her

Why the sudden interest in the enfant terrible of the GOP?

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