READ: Donald Trump Tweets ‘ Chanting ‘We Want Trump!’ Love France’

Of course.

As news and images of the riots in France made the world’s airwaves, many reacted to what they saw. People speculated on what the riots were really about.

Was it the fuel tax hike that had been canceled? Or was that merely a tipping point for the “yellow vest” protesters?

President Donald Trump, however, had his own version of what the rioters wanted. While many found the President’s claim absurd, they still wondered where he got the idea.

On Saturday, Trump took to Twitter and posted:

“The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Paris. Protests and riots all over France. People do not want to pay large sums of money, much to third world countries (that are questionably run), in order to maybe protect the environment. Chanting ‘We Want Trump!’ Love France.”

But people in Paris and those watching the events unfold did not hear what the President claims he heard. So where did Trump get this absurd idea?

Right-wing provocateur Charlie Kirk, who got the idea from watching a far right-wing protest in London, England. Where they speak English and Kirk can understand what they were saying as opposed to Paris, France where protesters tend to protest in French.

The phrase to listen for would be “on voudrais Trump” or “nous voulons Trump” for those curious to see if they can hear these phrases in the protests. Thus far, no one has.

Kirk posted his claim on Twitter on Monday, December 3. It took five days to reach the President for him to make his own absurd claim.

Kirk posted:

“There are riots in socialist France because of radical leftist fuel taxes”

“Media barely mentioning this”

“America is booming, Europe is burning”

“They want to cover up the middle class rebellion against cultural Marxism”

“We want Trump” being chanted through the streets of Paris”

Both men’s claims received considerable pushback from those actually in Paris as well as the rest of the world.

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