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Joe Scarborough Just Said What We're All Thinking in Response to Ivanka's Tweet Condemning the Attempted Violence Against Democrats

Good question.

Earlier today, amid reports that an individual or individuals had sent explosive devices to the homes of prominent Democratic politicians and to the offices of several news organizations around the country, Ivanka Trump condemned these actions, saying that "America is better than this."

Ivanka, who is perhaps her father President Donald Trump's most trusted personal adviser, thanked the Secret Service and law enforcement for their work "to keep this nation safe," but her statement rang hollow for MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe, who asked if she "strongly" condemns statements made by her father at his rally which have specifically targeted individuals and entities who were targeted today, including news network CNN and Hillary Clinton, who ran against him during the 2016 presidential election.

And he wasn't the only one to express similar sentiments. Many noted that the president has not condemned today's acts of violence. The president has, to name just a few examples, called for violence against members of the press, has labeled the press "the enemy of the people," and has repeatedly led chants at his rallies to "lock up" Hillary Clinton.

Responses to Ivanka Trump's initial tweet also indicate a common trend:

The president is still scheduled to appear at a rally in Wisconsin later this evening.

Speaking at an event to address the nation's opioid crisis, he called for unity, saying: "I just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify, we have to come together and send one very clear, strong, unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America."

"The safety of the American people is my highest and absolute priority," he added, promising that the government will "bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice."

These comments haven't gone over very well with people who noted that last week the president praised Montana Representative Greg Gianforte for assaulting a reporter.

Earlier this week, an explosive was found on the property of billionaire George Soros, whom Trump has piggybacked off claims from conspiracy theorists who say he is in cahoots with Hillary Clinton to usurp the current world order.

Today, a bomb was found on the suburban property owned by Bill and Hillary Clinton. An explosive device was also sent to former President Barack Obama and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama. The Secret Service said Obama and Clinton "did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them.”

Later, CNN's headquarters at the Time Warner Center in New York received a package addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, himself a noted Trump critic. The building was evacuated.

These developments unfolded rather rapidly. Soon after, a report surfaced that Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz also received a package because her office was listed as the return address on a package sent to Eric Holder, the former attorney general. A package sent to California Democratic Representative Maxine Waters was also intercepted, according to ABC.

A suspicious package was also intercepted at the offices of the San Diego Union-Tribune, which is near the field office of Senator Kamala Harris, a California Democrat. The San Diego police department closed the downtown area in response; the package contained miscellaneous items––including shoes and children's books––and law enforcement allowed business to resume as usual. A package sent to the office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was found to contain only a thumb drive.

“We condemn the attempted violent attacks recently made against President Obama, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and other public figures. These terrorizing acts are despicable, and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law," White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.