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The Commandant of the Coast Guard Just Slammed Trump's Shutdown With a Stinging History Lesson As He Informed His Officers They Would Not Be Paid


As the government shutdown over border wall funding stretches on with no signs of stopping, United States Coast Guard Members are the latest group of federal workers to receive no pay.

According to the Guard's Commandant, Admiral Karl Schultz, it's likely the first time any United States Armed Force has worked without pay during a government shutdown.

Admiral Schultz wrote a letter to concerned Coast Guard members who were feeling the hits from President Donald Trump's refusal to yield in his support for a $5 billion wall that the public doesn't want and that is proven not to work.

Though it doesn't look like Trump has intentions to acquiesce, Admiral Schultz's letter attempted to reassure the members of the guard.

Schultz wrote:

"The strength of our Service has, and always will be, our people. You have proven time and again the ability to rise above adversity. Stay the course, stand the watch, and serve with pride. You are not, and will not, be forgotten."

That Trump is allowing our first lines of domestic defense to work without pay for the first time enraged many, and they made sure they were heard.

But there was one reaction stronger than disdain for Trump.

It was gratitude for Admiral Schultz and the other Coast Guard members who continue to work without pay.

While the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) has donated $15 million to the Coast Guard to go towards families in need of assistance during the shutdown, the only permanent solution is to reopen the government.