READ: Judd Apatow Tweets ‘I Love When the Rudest Cruelest Man Who Acts Like a Pig All Day Demands That People Act With Respect’


Director and producer Judd Apatow may be behind some of America’s favorite comedies, but when it comes to President Donald Trump’s treatment of the press, he’s dead serious.

With the news that CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s clearance to the White House had been restored after the reporter challenged Trump’s answers to some of his questions, the president attempted to assure Americans that he values the sanctity of a free press with the stipulation that the press must be respectful of him, saying:

“We want total freedom in the press…but you have to act with respect. You’re in the White House.”

Apatow thought that was rich coming from Donald Trump, and he made sure to let us know with a tweet ruthless enough to rival the president himself.

Apatow’s statement pulled no punches and people were living for it.

His words led to others pointing out the numerous times the Trump White House didn’t concern itself with decorum.

The revocation of Jim Acosta’s White House pass has put Donald Trump’s animus toward the press into even starker relief.

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