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Google's Search Results Will Soon Feature Augmented Reality and People Are Pumped


Most people wouldn't choose to encounter a shark up close, in person.

But what if it was swimming around behind the safety of your screen?

Google demonstrated that it's not a far-fetched possibility today with a video demonstrating it's search engine's upcoming augmented reality feature. The technology was introduced in a presentation at Google's I/O keynote.

Check out the new feature below:

Though augmented reality isn't new—the New York Times and Snapchat's apps often make use of it. However, the use of the technology in the search function opens up a wealth of possibilities to process information.

Users could examine 3-D renderings, gain more assurance from online shopping, and much more.

While we still don't know just how many search results will be endowed with AR, many are already intrigued at the prospect.

Your search results are about to get much more interesting.