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Donald Trump Sent the Most Awkward 'Merry Christmas' Message, and People Are Mocking Him Hard

Head. Desk.

Donald Trump Sent the Most Awkward 'Merry Christmas' Message, and People Are Mocking Him Hard

President Donald Trump on Tuesday wished the nation 'Merry Christmas' by babbling through his list of grievances that included how he sees the state of the country.

Sitting at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Trump's melancholy mood was on full display.

Trump warned Democrats that it would be "presidential harassment" if they use their House majority to investigate his businesses and foreign ties.

"It's probably presidential harassment and we know how to handle that," Trump said. "I know how to handle that better than anybody."

Trump doubled-down on his frustration with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation. "There's been no collusion, after two years," Trump insisted.

"You're talking about millions and millions and millions of dollars of wasted money," Trump said, falsely, before deflecting. "There's been absolutely no collusion. But there has been a lot of collusion by the Democrats, with Russia and a lot of other people that maybe they shouldn't have been dealing with, including very dishonest people."

The president also defended his May 2017 firing of FBI Director James Comey, which is the reason Mueller was appointed in the first place.

"Everybody hated Comey, they thought he did a horrible job," Trump gloated. "The Democrats hated him. They were calling for his resignation. They were calling for his firing - including Schumer, including Nancy Pelosi - until I fired him. Once I fired him, everybody said, 'Oh, why did you fire him, why did you fire him?'"

"It's a disgrace, what's happening in our country," the president whined. "But other than that, I wish everybody a very merry Christmas."

Watch below:

And the Twitter mockery was swift.

Five days into the third government shutdown of his presidency, Trump is totally tone deaf.

How inspiring.

Trump is who he is.

Trump is incapable of joy.

Who else but Trump...